The best thing for Luna to be a part of Mumtaza Islamic School is the supporting environment. As I can see, Luna has so much fun in the school which eventually helps her learn her subjects. We also realise many positive behaviors she has shown after a year at Mumtaza. Lastly, I am hoping for a better year ahead at Mumtaza Islamic school.
Inggit, Luna’s Mother
After attending Mumtaza Islamic School, Nadhif is now more diligent in praying and even being the praying leader at home. When he reviews his tahfidz, he often invites his brother to learn with him and teaches him. In all cases, he refuses to wear short pants outside the house as he realizes that it is important to cover his body properly. I am so proud of him and hopefully he will perform better and better each day.
Wiwien, Nadhif's Mother
Ever since my son learnt at Mumtaza, I have seen many positive impacts on him. Frankly saying, I am so proud to see his achievement in tahfidz and Islamic values that he applies in his daily activities which are seen from her politeness, religiosity and instant spiritual teaching in the house. Without any additional private lessons, he can manage to actively and naturally speak English and easily gain knowledge in science and other subjects. The best thing that I can see is that he really has fun and enjoys the school and I am satisfied with the way Mumtaza applies teaching-and-learning activities.
Emmy, Rayhan’s Mother
Ever since both of my children studied at Mumtaza Islamic School, There’ve been tons of positive experiences they and I share especially the lovely teachers. I do appreciate their patience and sincerity in teaching which contributes and plays significant role on encouraging my children to be diligent, polite, and smart and to become a religious person. Subhanallah, all the best and the most successful for MIS! Be a better school that produces more religious students with Qur'anic spirit.
Wirda, Alif’s and Kirana’s Mother
What makes me interested in getting Soraya into Mumtaza is the Bilingual program and Tahfiz. At first, she was a bit confused to understand instructions and conversations in English at school, but I can now see that she gains more confidence and often speaks English in our daily conversations. Regarding with her tahfiz, I am really surprised with the progress she has made in which I could say that she masters better than her father and I do in reciting surah from Al-Qur’an. At first, I thought I should’ve been the one memorizing some surah before I helped her with her tahfiz, but then she could do it even faster and better than I and not even once she feels loaded with many surah.
Rahmatina, Soraya’s Mother